Podcast Invite: Feebz Encounter Pt 1

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I am really excited to finally share with you that back in February of this year, 2022, I was invited, along with my husband Elliott and a few friends, onto the awesome 'Behind the Dice' podcast which is co-hosted by my friend and DM Phoebe. The first episode with me in is now out and I have listened to it, which was both exciting and weird in that it is the first time I have listened back to my own voice, and it was great so go check it out or read the rest of this post, which includes drawings of my character, and I have put the youtube video at the end.

About the Podcast

Phoebe co hosts along side DM Wolfe and on the podcast they talk about tips, processes, stories and more around being a DM and running D&D sessions. I highly recommend it as it has so much info for new and existing dms as well as chats with players and other dms it also features awesome stories and shared experiences around certain topics. 

For their latest season, season 3, they have been discussing creating and running encounters so as a way to test their theories and skills they created an encounter to each run with their own groups of friends. You can find out more about the podcast using the information below.

Behind the Dice

Story Table Productions: Behind the Dice Podcast

You can find previous episodes on multiple podcast streaming platforms listed here: Listen to the podcast

If you would like you can find out more about Story Table Productions and join their discord server here: More about Story Table Productions


Being a Player

I was so nervous before recording, I always feel I am not the best role-player and sometimes I can muddle my words when I am nervous so this was a real exciting challenge and a great experience, it was a real laugh too and just goes to show why we love D&D so much. I am a relatively newish player and also new to recording which turned out a right laugh when I shared a mic with my husband but both wore head phones and had separate zoom videos only to realise once we started recording that I could hear myself talking as if someone else was talking, but we did it and it was great, the people are awesome so do go listen. 

As part of the setup we were asked to choose character types from a list that Phoebe and Wolfe had created and asked to build them based on a few key words and only using the Players Handbook rules to simplify the game but also to show what can be done with just the starting rules. So for fun I choose the Rogue, Warlock multiclass that specializes in damage.


I have wanted to play a Warlock again after creating Effi my Goblin Genie pact Warlock so I built Peony a Tiefling Arcane Trickster Rogue with a multiclass into Warlock with a Great Old One Pact and I just had to draw her. She can cast darkness and see in it thanks to her eldritch invocations which I thought would be pretty cool. I won't tell you too much about her right now as I would love to play her again sometime or do a separate post all about her if I don't get to play her again.

So the encounter part 1 is out now, below, and I cannot wait for part 2 of the encounter to come out and to hear the same encounter dm'd by Wolfe. It will be really interesting to see how they differ and how they are similar and what Phoebe and Wolfe thought of the experience. If you want to listen to them building the encounter then check out the episodes before this one first. 

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

I hope you enjoyed this little D&D adventure.


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