October Challenges

Happy 1st of October, I have so much exciting stuff for you this month, but firstly it's been so different to have so much time to focus on my little business, I am really enjoying it when I am not worrying about my squishy being at school.

So who is excited for Halloween? I am, I really like this time of year and I especially like all the creativity that October brings, with the various Inktober challenges and new designs and drawings from artists I follow. 
So this month I am doing two challenges, alot I know, and I am planning a product launch with an awesome giveaway, you may have seen a few sneaky peeks at my new fabric design!!!! Excited much?
Onto the challenges:
🌟The first challenge I am doing is Vlogtober with TeaWithSte on Facebook which will help me boost my confidence to eventually start vlogging and doing some live streams. My aim is to do some studio vlogs for you guys to watch and to deliver big updates as a video. So I did my first video this morning and gosh was I nervous.
🌟The second challenge is Magictober run by the amazing @talysketch, over on Instagram, I won't be doing a drawing everyday because I don't want to overwhelm myself, so I will be doing her short list option.
Lastly I would love some ideas for a lockdown Halloween with a 4 year old. I have posted this on all my social media so let me know what you are planning to do for Halloween or even what challenges your doing this October?
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