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Hey All

I have finally finally got round to tweaking all my pre existing design collections for my new mug manufacturers printing sizes. It took some time but I managed to tweak each collection to create an amazing mug. Last week I ordered the samples and when they came through, they were beautiful. I love them and I am so happy with the quality of the print and mugs.


So here are the mugs I have designed:
mugs 1
Each mug contains items from their collection but are a slightly different layout to the original surface pattern due to the fact I didn't want cut off lines on the mugs where the print stops.
I have also edited some items to make them more visible on a white background. This has taught me a lot about how I design in the first place, especially the Magical Means (left) which was originally designed for the surface pattern with lighter line art which I had to completely re do for the mug.
mugs 2

I have also brought back the Pride Dice with a slightly different layout.


As per my other mugs these ones are also print filled here in the UK, this means your order is sent to our print partners to be made and then will be shipped directly to you from them, this could take roughly 5-7 business days, although I have found they ship out pretty quick.
They have now been added to both my stores and I can't tell you how awesome they are, pictures just can't do them justice. They are also really shiny so taking photos was really tough. Video's will be hitting my TikTok and Instagram next week.
Anyway back to the drawing board I have a Paladin design to finish.


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