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Hey All

On the 29th of October I did a massive shop update complete with new products and pre-existing product updates. My aim was to bring my older makes up to the same level as my newer makes. I am so happy with what I have achieved, below is a full run down of all the new changes.
Initially I aimed to change my postage prices to give you what I thought might be a better option when posting multiple items, turned out it was complicated and made my head hurt so instead we still have free delivery in the UK and I have created sets so you can purchase multiple items at a lower price.
I have updated the look of the following products:
dice bags
These three dice bags sets got an update with some faux leather bottoms and a shift in the location of the pull cord, which I love, once I have run out of the plastic toggles these bags will shift over to the two pull string method.

Two of the totes got a face lift with a faux leather bottom, which I think looks awesome and I finally got round to making up the D&D Life totes, which look great in these colours.


I did a photo update for all my bookmarks and added a couple of new ones, there is also a listing allowing you to buy multiple different designs for a lower price.

Finally we get to all the new items I have added and I think you are going to love them:
I absolutely love these sticker sheets I want to stick them everywhere. All of these have been added to the store along with a 3pk option and a separate 3pk listing to pick 3 of your choice for a cheaper price.
genie notebooks
These lovely notebooks and character book have also been added to both the website and Etsy stores. I love them and have decided one of the notebooks is my next notebook, I have been using a Magical Means one.

genielock bags

Finally here are the Genie dice bags and tote bag. I love the colour combination on this one and I may have to make myself a medium dice bag and start hording dice.

I hope you enjoyed this update full of loads of stuff. Right I need to get making ready for the C worded event.
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