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I know the OGL from Wizards of the Coast was a while back now but at the time it happened it really threw me as I didn't really know how it would affect me and the TTRPG world I create for. My character books and campaign journals are very heavily designed for D&D and although I am being very careful not to include any copied text or references I suddenly felt that if they could so easily come after creators what would stop them coming after smaller makers like me.

Now I know they have gone back on it but I still don't feel that 100% trust as I did before so I have been planning some changes to move away from being D&D specific into a more TTRPG neutral territory, which will also open up the doors to so many new ideas.

When I started thinking of making changes I also felt that with my laminator busted (it tried eating a notebook cover, there was smouldering and a chewed cover afterwards) and considering my making times post Christmas meltdown (wow was I busy) I also wanted to push forward with being more eco friendly and simplifying my products to be easier to make to order.

So with all that in mind below is a list of the changes I plan on making over the course of this year. They are big changes which will mean a lot of work and I want to get them right so I will be working on bits one at a time and launching them as I go. So here they are:  


Campaign Journals

I am going to open my campaign journals to other TTRPG's, by making slight changes to language, simplifying some of the pages, slightly rearranging sections, adding a choice between more spell pages or more features and traits pages, and creating different fold out layout pages for the main elements.

They will also be getting a change of covers to a more soft touch hardback version, and some handy self stick on tabs you can add for the sections.

I will also be bringing out all the other design collections.


Character Books

Firstly there will be a choice to have a coloured or kraft cover. I am also going to be creating a simplified inner without the extra doodles. To do this I will be changing some language and moving some sections around. I will also be creating a version with more features and traits pages for non spellcasters.



I am going to start by making all my notebooks recyclable by losing the plastic lamination covers and elastic straps, this will also lower the cost of the notebooks making them more affordable. I will create one simplified lined and dotted inner to make printing and making on demand easier. There will also be a choice between a coloured or kraft cover. 

I will also be introducing thicker hard back wire bound notebooks.


I know that my little doodles on the inner pages of my books are really cute and I hate to lose them but I do feel that in order to be able to make items to order they need to be simpler, after all it is just me all on my own making these items and space and time sadly dictates that I cannot make/do everything, plus if you want to add the decorations you can always order some stickers. 

I am really happy with where this will go as there will be so much more choice to create your own book/s that match your needs and I am excited to announce that I am going to start with opening it up for Pathfinder first.



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