Change is Good

Ever since I started making when I was very little, I have always wanted to design pretty fabrics and quirky great fitting clothing. ⠀

If I have learned anything from this lockdown, it is that although I love making unique hats and accessories they are extremely time consuming to make and require me to have an infinite pool of new ideas to draw from.⠀
Over the last year I have found that harder and harder to do, there are either so many ideas that I am overwhelmed or not enough at the right time. Throw in having limited time to work and now a toddler home full time for me to teach and I have found myself rethinking the way I run my Tinkerporium and what it is I love to make and do.

So I am really excited to be making a shift towards creating collections of handmade bags for DnD and roleplaying. These are a start to build up a collection of fabric designs while I work on the clothing patterns that I would like to create. I am aiming for a playful, steampunk, Alice in Wonderland twist to all my designs.⠀

Don't worry I won't be completely fazing out making hats and accessories, instead they will be available to custom order only via my website. My existing stock will be added to social media. Also I know how much the Steampunk community likes to make their own items so I will be making up some pdf sewing patterns of some of my hats which will be available on my Etsy shop. ⠀

I will be implementing changes to my website and social media slowly over the next few weeks, to announce the new direction and such. I am really excited to start a new journey.

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