Bye Bye Studio

Before Christmas I spent 2 days taking down shelves, dismantling desks and piling up the remaining bits I wanted to take out of the studio that has been my work space for the last couple of years while we lived with my mum. I honestly thought I would be sadder to leave this space but my excitement at moving to our new house and the idea of being indoors where it is warm or cool, weather dependent, over ruled my nostalgia.

studio shed

This space, my little Tinker Shed, has been brilliant over the years, however little I have used it. It was a space to sew, be creative, draw, and a place I could shift around and decorate to my hearts content, It also got us through the craziness of lockdown home schooling, where my son joined me on his own desk and its been an excellent dumping ground for many many many art supplies, projects, costumes and more.

I sometimes wonder if I should have used it more, instead of moving a desk into our small snug but it had it's limitations as sheds do, too cold in the winter even with insulation and too hot in the summer, kid is at home and wants to play indoors, so the time I could spend in here was limited. I also disliked being out there on my own in the evenings and preferred to setup in our snug on the sofa to draw or do some hand sewing. So in all it was a mixed space that mostly served as a dumping ground for all my stuff. On the run up to our move we moved everything out to the shed that we didn't want to keep making space for the huge amount of boxes you always end up moving. How do we accumulate so much stuff.
Moving to our new home, decorating and planning out work spaces, dinning areas and such was both complicated and rewarding. Our new living room isn't the biggest and we knew that our lovely huge sofa wasn't going to be able to come, sad face. Also looking at the space I did wonder whether I would even have a space to put my work stuff at all, I am glad to say that I have indeed got a bit of space and it has been very well utilised. We have been very savvy with our furniture choices, picking items that had multiple uses or could be moved easily, such as an awesome extending dinning table that goes from 45cm to 3m long. But it took a month or so for our chosen furniture to arrive so we lived out of boxes and spent evenings sat on cushions on the floor. We are now all setup and I am really happy to show you my new work space.
new desk space


The Desk

This is where I sit most day, put orders together and draw. The cupboard on the left is full of my products and matches with our tv stand and book shelves.
What's even cooler is my husband is sat right next to me so we can play games together or when I am working and he is home we can chat. It's also because its the best setup for us to play dnd with a shared boom mounted microphone between us.
I even have a view straight out into the garden from where I am sitting.


understairs cupboard

The Under Stairs Cupboard

Our cupboard under the stairs does not have a hoover or an ironing board and coats it now has a work desk for my guillotine which I was moving backwards and forwards from the old dining table till my back started hurting. It is so heavy.
So using one of my desk tops, and some IKEA units and a couple of peg boards I made this little setup so that I don't have to move my guillotine anymore. All my working materials are in here ready to be made into products.
The pegboards still need filling with stuff but I am loving the extra work space that I can shut the door on at the end of the day.


postal cartThe Little Cart

I also have a little postage cart where I keep all my posting materials, freebie stickers, thank you cards and more.
Its so nice to have it on wheels so I can move it up to the dinning table or wheel it closer to my desk or when we have lots of kids round put it under the stairs.
I got the trolley from amazon and the colour matches the room and out dining chairs which is awesome.
I have a few other places that I work, such as the dining table and sofa and I also have a mini chest of drawers where I keep all my small sewing supplies and drawing pens and such but I love that it is all to hand and that it doesn't intrude on our daily life. In fact it all fits in and works in the space which I still can't believe turned out as I imagined it. I did a video removing the tape on our mural if your interested click here.
If you are interested in how I organise my stuff for such a small space or would like any tips on stock organisation, let me know in the comments as I have loads of diy tips that I use to save precious pennies.
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